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RBI Recording
Oak Forest

Recording/Mixing & Mastering

RBI Recording is fat and clean, big and dirty, hi- and low-Fi. Record at a major league level, but with minor league prices. R.B.I. offers recording of 32 simultaneous tracks and mixing of hundreds of tracks including full editing, and a 56-input/72-channel fully automated/total recall console...


My name is Aaron Glemboski and I'm a producer/engineer in Austin, TX. I will do whatever it takes to get your songs and albums to the place you want them! I can take you to any studio, though I have preferred studios at which I can promise better rates!

Recording/Mixing & Mastering & Producers/Engineers & Audio Post & Original Music & Licensing

WSDG provides design and consulting services in the fields of architecture, acoustics, control technology, electro acoustics, and advanced audio-visual systems integration.